IVAO – Into the Sky

July 13, 2011
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Here it is, my latest released project, this time without a commercial background, just for fun.

IVAO stands for “International Virtual Aviation Organization” and as such IVAO provides a network (webserver, gaming servers and additional software packages) which enables FlightSimulator enthusiasts to fly online with others, to have “real” Air Traffic Control, gain achievements or just have fun.

Since some months (or years?) there were plenty requests rising up in the community to have a tool für iOS devices (read: iphone), but surprisingly nobody made it. As I read about the discussions in the forums, I decided to have a try on it. So I sent a request to the IVAO network department to gain the permission to access the network data. Then – some weeks went by. And I almost forgot about the request, since other projects needed my attention.

One day, the approval came right from the network staff, and I was surprised to get a reaction that late. But it was the start point for the project, again.

You can check the initial version of my new product “IVAO – Into the Sky” in the AppStore
since yesterday. “Into the Sky” displays the current activity on the IVAO network around the world. You can list pilots, ATC and observers, you can search or even see on a map where they all are flying (or standing on ground ;).

A lot more features are already planned including iPad support, member profiles, friends, scheduling etc.

If you like the app, please leave a review in the App Store, on Facebook or in the IVAO Forum.

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